Trauma of past
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Umm, hi everyone I am so traumatized. It's been 2 years and i can't hold it in anymore. I was sexually assaulted by my "friend" while we were watching a movie and i froze i couldn't move and i couldn't think anything i was in my denial phase in 2020 but i woke up in 2021 and realized what happened to me. Now i am just so messed up i have been suffering from anxiety since forever and this event just magnified everything and now i have trust issues and so many issues i can't even begin to list them also i had bunked school to meet my boyfriend and he didn't let me meet my boyfriend and assaulted me the next day i was caught and suspended and my dad beat me isolated me from everything i was in a mental and physical lockdown and I am still suffering from what happened assaulted for a hour then beaten and locked for a month. How does someone move on from that?

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