trust issues in relationship
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hello, i have a friend who's really very close to my heart. I am usually never attached to my friends. The thing is that he had to go to hostel now for the next 4 months. And he has already left a week ago. Now we have no way left to talk because he cant sneak his phone or use any other as they don't allow him to do so. I will be able to talk to him only after 4 months. I dont know how will i be able to make these 4 months pass. And the other issue is that he told me he was in 11th and now someone else is telling me he is in 10th. the hostel friends of his are saying he is in 10th and his ex is saying the same too. Now idk how to contact him in any manner but i feel like venting all this out to him but i cant. what can i do.? i understand the fact that there must be a reason for him to not tell me all this but i dont know how to talk to him . i really dont want other people to know that he is in 10th as he wanted all the others to believe he is in 11th.

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