TW: misscariage/abortion
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I had 2 miscarriages & aborted my 2 month old twins. I never really wanted to do it, and i regret and am haunted by it ever since I did it. As much as I wanted my babies, my partner is constantly being sucked financially dry by his ex wife with childsupport & also leeches on him for more money that she claims she uses on their kids but I know she uses it for herself like getting herself $200 gaming chair & $400 rollerblades despite claiming how constantly broke she is (unemployed by choice, barely making a living from her small homebusiness). My partner admitted he cant even remarry bc of his responsibilities to his existing kids & Im scared to constantly miscarry or abort my pregnancies all bc he isnt financially ready for more kids other than for his existing favorites. I mean i've been pregnant 3 times and its never occured to him to start saving up for OUR future together, the future he keeps telling me he wants.

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