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I'm am a 15 yr of teenage girl and I SH alot. I can't help it but whenever I get yelled at or angry I'll go in by bathroom and cut myself. I want to stop but it's the only thing that is keeping me alive. it helps me cope with all this stuff. one day my parents found out and instead of being helpful they just called me selfish and that it was sfor attention. I didn't even want them to know. I hare my life, my parents control EVERYTHING, what I wear, what I say, what I do. EVERYTHING. I want to leave. I'm that close to grabbing my parents gun and shooting myself. maybe everyone would care about me when I'm fucking dead. Or maybe I just killed myself for attention. it's sickening how my parents act around me like I'm not even there. I'll be doing something and they will be talking shit about me right in front of me. I hate this. I have it. they call me FAT. I mean Im already self-conscious already. I have social anxiety where I think everyone judges me that's why I couldn't tell anybody.

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