Unable to accept the break up
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Me and my boyfriend when got into relationship he had told me that he doesn't want children and even i had said yes to this. Its been two years we are together and in soo much love with each other..but recently i don't know why but i feel like we should think about babies if he doesn't want biological then we can go for adoption when we both feel ready..I thought i should share this with him so I shared this thing with my boyfriend but he got suppper angry.he felt like i betrayed him and wasted his 2 years. He immediately broke up with me and got into new relationship with girl who also doesn't want kids. I am so heart broken. I want him back even if he doesn't want children..nothing is important to me than him. I apologized to him many times but he didn't accept me. Please please please tell how can i get back with him.πŸ˜”

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