Unable to concentrate on studies
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Hello anonymous, So, I was recommended to this website from one of my friend, in the hope that a stranger could help me solve a problem. I recently had a friendship breakup with my best friends, felt bad , moved on, it's quite a time now. After that, I met a friend of mine, and I really liked talking to him, we talked more often, he actually has all the qualities I looked for something in a guy, and I know he's already committed, and he loves her, but I'm so used to talking to him, I find ways talking to him, and now I'm lost somewhere, I don't know what's happening,I don't feel like interacting with anyone, except him, he's a really really decent guy, I'm not able to concentrate on my studies as well, I'm doing all the work but my mind is not here, I feel sad, lonely and depressed, I'm not able to focus on anything! Now , I don't know what's this but I really really need to get normalised, and concentrate on my studies! What should I do?

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