unable to concentrate on studies because of looks (gained weight)
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I'm 20 years old, in 2nd year mbbs. I was under a lot of stress in my 11, 12 grade which led to doctors prescribing me meds but they made me increase almost 20kgs in 1.5year. Nothing fitted me anymore and I felt horrible about myself. My boyfriend of almost 3.5years left me right during my boards which messed up the remaining subjects and also my AIR for mbbs. I'm rn paying a lot (private seat - face value: 7L p.a but ultimately almost 9-10L p.a) and this is constantly bothering me. I feel like a huge burden on my family and I feel very insufficient. After my bf left me ( without giving proper reason) , my self confidence abt looks dropped a lot( he started dating a thin pretty 15yr old just 2 days after our break up) & due to my AIR my confidence in my studies also dropped a lot. I constantly feel like I need to lose more weight ( I've lost 10kgs since my increase- but in an unhealthy fashion) & I can't focus in my studies since I keep thinking that I anyways won't be able to do well. How do I get my confidence back in looks & studies ? I know I'm not perfect but I just want to at least like myself.

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