unable to concentrate on studies due to covid
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I am a CA student. But it was never a stress before Corona I really used to enjoy studying as if like books are my bffs but later there was huge gap of 6 months I didn't studied due to postponement of my exams...in between I was effected with a serious procrastination due to YouTube videos as u already knew Caexams r tough to get passed now neither I could abole to study nor watch classes in YouTube or somewhere.when every I open YouTube I am getting distracted with my own brain's thoughts watching other stuff.its been 2 months I am feeling so much low.actually I always used be a very good and lil studious person.now am unable to find that one in me.feeling so much low.disstressed.low at mental enegry.lossing all hopes of proporuse life.i am really the old me!

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