unable to control emotions because of failed relationship experience
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Im in love with a guy. It was him who said he likes me. His wedding was called off and I had helped to distract him from that girl because he he loved the girl so much but his parents were not ok with that. And then later he said he likes me. I dint really at first take him seriously coz I felt like it may be due to the dependency ...the support I gave him when he was in need. But he used to say himself aloud...that he truly wish of we get married.....he wishes me to be his wife and all and then o fell for him . I'm someone who have a broken family since I was 6 years old. And I had been taking anti depressant drugs 3 years back and he knew that...so I felt his love genuine. He is a true guy. He is not a playboy type. He had already said to me that his parents are hunting proposals for him, that not to expect or hope we wud be together in future. I asked him to try but he dint want to hurt or push his parents for what they dislike. And see....now that I'm head over heels for him...his marriage is fixed, getting married next month In Sha Allah. And I'm all stressed out. O donno what to do. I can't control my temper. I threw my new phone and it is damaged and I had to buy new one. Again when I got mad I threw this new one and it's mic is not working anymore. I'm.losing all my control. It's not that I'm crying and weeping all the time.......but....I donno I feel like I'm not ok. I truly donno how to manage such a life without him. There's gonna be a very big void. I can't think about that atleast. Please help me

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