unable to control emotions in situation of fight with partner
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Hi. I am 30yrs old female. I get very upset when my boyfriend starts ignoring me after a fight. I won't say it a fight. There would be times when he gets hurt or feel bad about something I say or I do and instead of talking to me about it, he would stop talking to me, start ignoring me to make me feel bad. I will crazily call him thousand times, message him but he won't answer back. That's when I go all insane, I feel like breaking the phone, crying loudly, and also I start sending him rude messages. That's when he talks me. He would be like you should be saying sorry and realise what you have done was wrong. Then I would say this is not the way to make someone realise that she has done something wrong. You should tell that person about the matter and that you feel bad. Please tell me if I am wrong somewhere.

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