unable to cope with a break up
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Me and my boyfriend will soon complete 2 years of relationship. Due to our career paths, we will enter for long distance. I was aware about this fact that we would separate out physically,but I wanted him to give a proper farewell before final bye. But due to this pandemic and lockdown we aren't able to meet. He rarely comes online, he doesn't even has his own phone because his sister broke it(who is against our relationship ). He comes online whenever he gets opportunity. Sometimes I fear hus mind will wave when he will go to another city. Sometimes I think I'll myself get distracted by somebody . But after every such thought I convince myself that if there is trust nothing to fear. But the only thing which I regret is not meeting him fir one last time. I had prepared gifts everything, but they are all just with me. He will leave in few days, I can't even say him bye. What upsets me is because the last time we managed to meet during lockdown was over a small fight. I was so angry with him that I didn't even hugged him properly. If I would have known we will be apart this way.....I would have immediately forgiven him and hugged him. Now every night I cry for hours . I tell him I m ok because I don't want to show him I m weak. Ppl say teenage love is foolish, so many told us that our relationship won't last long. I intend to prove them wrong, including my parents. I want to live happily with him,have a house, have a happy family, be successful with him, and our story as a legend. But this separation upsets me. I know I'll have to endure this pain, but my eyes go watery every night. I don't want any answers to my misery. I just want an early hear, and eyes to read,while me being anonymous. At the end I just want to be with him, love him, go places with him, complete our goals. Because we are someone who proudly say that yes true love is there in this world. Dear heavens please have mercy on us, and make us loving each other like this. May there be no misunderstandings and arguments, I just want to be happy....Only with him.

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