unable to cope with a break up
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I am 25 years old. I had a brk up in 2019 on my bday as my boyfriend cheated me by double dating. Then i was just trying to come out of it and was almost out of that when i mer another guy. He was sooo loving caring old school types. He wanted to marry me and so i but religion was the problem. He cried and suffered alooot for me. He was so much in love with me and so i. But he was so doubt ful, over possessive. His nature was so negative thinking and he never trusted me. I was always explaining him things but he never accept those explanations and always had bad thinking of like i am cheating on him or will cheat on him. But my intesions were never those. He always had a doubt on my male frnds also so i stopped talking to them too. But as we were from different religion i said him no for marriage and was trying to move away from him. But he was so very dominant over me and never let that happen. But atlast we stopped talking and went away. I was 100 percent sure that he loves me and i also so i never expect that he will move on and marry another girl. But he did, he didn't took a month also and moved on with another girl. Arrange marriage. I had a talk before with his mother regarding marriage and i said no for so she started searching for other girl for him as his age was 31. Later when i contacted him on his bdae i got vibes that he has moved on. I tried meeting talking him. He also did same he talk with me he asked me again for last time for marriage so he will say no to other girl as the dates are about to decide i cried aloot and want to go with him but i can't let my parents suffer cause of inter religion. So i cried and said no. He said yes to the girl and changed his behavior towards me completely. After that we met also i was not able to live without him so i said i will try at home once but he didn't tell me about dates are getting fix. He just told that he said yes for marriage. But in truth he use to talk to that girl and was much closer before come in contact again so he had soft corner for her too. He cried in my arms and said lots of things which i doubt was not true as later his behavior was soooo rude and normal for me. I cried alot but he said its false tears and much more bad thinking of his. I tried alot to convince him but he was so rude to me in just 1 day? This is not possible if you love someone. I called him 80 times, sent 50 msgs but no reply. He blocked me. Next day cause my frnd told him he called me and said i love you but cant be with you. And then his mom called me and told me that his marriage is fixed. Engagement is on 10th of jan and we are going to fix marriage date in feb immediately, you are my friend so i called to inform you. But i knew that the guy has told his mother about me. And i was again got hurt after listening all this truth which he did not told me. Still i was in hope that he loves me and i can talk but nothing happened. I did not call or msg him as he was about to start new life. And i said no to marriage because in past some time wen we were together i had great time with him but also a ruined and major mental stress because of his doubtful nature. And now i am trying to come out of this. But don't know in what stage i am..

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