unable to cope with a break up
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Hey ! Since last 2 months m going through the darkest phase of my life . Everything changed .. i ws having a relationship of 2 yr bt few months back my partner said he doesn't feel tht much for me i said ok lets try may b with time u will get it as due to lockdown we are in long distance relationship .. i tried my best put every effort to win him back bt 1 month ago he said its not working and he doesn't want to b in relationship he doesn't feel anything he said m being honest n he can't do anything about it .. this time i didn't begged or convinced him because i hve done it many times and failed everytime .. i love him so much and i still want him back n wants tht everythng gets fixed between us .. we are in no contact for 1 month amd he is happy in his life he doesn't even talk about me .. is there any possibility that i cn win him back i love him i can't imagine of ur being separated .

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