unable to cope with a break up
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So, I'm 23 and I never dated anyone before.. last jan I met a guy, we both were colleagues in office ... Became frnds and then fell in love... We both were really into each other... In March lockdown happened I went to my home town it became long distance, that was not a problem though... He shifted to different city earlier he was in Delhi... 2-3 months earlier his parents started to force him to get Married, everything was going fine between us... He asked his parents to wait later told about me.. Bt his parents denied to wait... And I can't get married abhi because I'm too young for this, I have career goals to fulfill plus I have a elder sister who will be getting married by end of this year.. And above all I'm not ready for marriage at all... So he is probably getting married in next 3-4 months... And it's kind of over as we don't have any option left... So, this is getting so much for me... I unable to accept the fact that things are over, even though I'm trying... Bt I'm getting continuous nervous breakdown... I'm living with my family and can't share my exact situation.. I scare of getting up in the morning because I will have those same thoughts about him... I'm Trying to get over the things bt all this is getting very difficult specially the morning time my emotions and thoughts are on peak.... I'm trying everything to keep me distracted and busy but this is not really helping me out.

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