unable to cope with a break up
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I had a breakup 3 months ago and had a terrible phase of depression following that. Now, though I am better, I still feel so bad. The reason for breaking up was just that my ex felt he didn't feel any emotional connection and couldn't really share stuff whe he was upset. He decided this in just 2-3 weeks and in those 2-3 weeks I myself was worried about various other things. I didn't feel like talking to people or do anything about our breaking relationship. I just went into a state where I would accept anything that happens. But after the breakup I really feel so bad. In fact, I tried to communicate with him, but didn't get any proper reply except some cold ones. I don't even know whether I hate him for breaking my trust and leaving when I was emotionally so vulnerable or want things to be as it was earlier. Also, I don't feel the same comfort while talking with any of my friends. I just feel so terribly lonely always as if noone really understands me. Even things I did to make me happy doesn't work now. I am really confused and worried what to do.

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