unable to cope with a break up
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hii am nikhil i had 4 year relationship in july she left me . and didn't want any break up i lover her alot then she blocked me every where . i asked our mature frnd to talk to her and they she called me at night that she lov some one .. in moth when she blocking me always ignoring me .. i begged her for meet and she meet me on my birthday i apologize for 2 months fights argument mistakes what i did or not in this lock down i try to understand the situation that love doesn't happen in month you did know thst guy well he is just your couch neice and now he left you too and your cry for him why then she rply i can't block him too we r drinked that time and we got intimate . but she still told me that is nrml for her now and she go home. and that night i called her and she again blocked my no. and then she call me back and sayed i love him too mch left me please. then i cut the call stop calling her. its spend a moth today is her birthday and i didn't wish her but i still love her . plss hlp me to get her back she is my 4 years love and i really care about her and i apologize for my mistakes and she also have many ... we had many uo downs in 4 years she never did like that why she did .. am facing to much depression.. but i didn't show anyithng .. and she still blicked me from everwhere .. hlp me plss.. i liver her soo much i want a chnce with her again..

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