unable to cope with a break up
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I am in chennai and met a punjabi girl online last year.We really liked each other and decided to start long distance relationship.We never thought about marriage and we were so happy.I even planned on flying to punjab and meet her.Then after sometime she starts to cry thinking we won't end up marrying each other.So i felt guilty of spoiling her life and we broke up before 5 months (I took the decision).But we never cut our contact.She went through a rough patch after breakup and i didn't support her properly.Slowly I started forcing her to date someone else so that it will be easy to forget me and move on.I think of going out of contact after she get into relationship.She eventually starts dating someone for two months now.We are still in contact and she is dating him.But I can't leave her and want her back now.After seeing her with someone else only i realised the pain.I never consider this before and stupidly force her to move on.But now i am feeling anxious since she is not with me now.I am feeling guilty of my mistake and always low and depressed.I can't sleep in nights and can't eat properly compared to before.I am having tears all the time and never experiencing any happiness from the things that used to make me happy before.

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