Unable to cope with emotions and it’s affecting studies
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I recently went through a breakup with a girl I considered I was gonna spend my entire life with. It was on-off for 6 years and steady live-in for 2 years. Now I have a very crucial (civil services) exam in this upcoming month. Although the breakup was 3 months ago, I still am unable to move out of it mentally. Over and above, she cheated on me, which has led to many self esteem and anxiety issues. I'm unable to focus on my study properly. Its like good flow for 2-3 days and suddenly I am down a toxic spiral for next 2-3 days. I have friends around me, but I don't share meaningful connection with them anymore, because I invested too much into my ex-girlfriend. A proper career is only the long term solution, but I can't keep up the flow which is very disheartening for me.

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