unable to cope with studies
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Well im 17 and I hav taken biology as my field in 11th grade i come from india I just cant happen to adapt to online classes and get up to study I just am unable to do it I either get distracted or give up it dosent seem right to me but u ignore this and keep doing time pass 11th has finished and I still dunno what was taught all year my notes are a mess and I dunno what has been happening in class everytime I sit to study I get lost in my own abyss of thoughts and simply get up from my seat and start walking away its frustrating cuz of career pressure and the fact that all my cousins ha always been top of the marks in there class while I was somehow just a bit above average I hav started to loose identity and purpose cuz of this the only thing keeping me together is watching naruto every episode goes by I learn more but my studies lag behind.

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