Unable to cope with work pressure
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I don't know what to do... It's been just one month while working... I don't know whether I am taking alot of pressure or what... But I hate it here... I cry to bed and I wake up and cry... I am always at the verge of breakout..... Towards the end of day , I become so cranky and sarcastic that it feels I have grown thorns... Now I have even stopped lying that everything is fine... Nobody else is facing this issue then why am I feeling so worse.... I don't know what to do... I just want to go to my homeand never ever come back to this place.. I hate it... But there is no logical reason that I can give... If I say it was too much work Then I see others are also working so much.. then my argument goes wrong... Even others are managing but I am not able to.... Please help what should I do.... I don't think I can handle anymore....

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