unable to deal with abusive partner and its affect on reltionship
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I'm with a guy who has abusive issues. He finds a way to vent out his anger on me, and disrespects me everytime. Though we haven't met each other but we know each other over a long distance association in lieu of marriage. But over the 5 months of time having known him, I'm seeing bitter and even worse parts of his personality everyday. I'm attached to him through emotions so I'm unable to let go of him. I tried  to let go of him, a couple of times, but I lost control of my body. I couldn't even get up from my bed. I got emotionally distressed. I still am, Many a times, coz of his filthy behavior towards me. At times, he's too supportive and motivational towards me and that's mostly words though, but at many other times, he gets crude and ugly. I can't sleep, eat, I feel weak all the time. I don't know what to do and how to deal with this.

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