unable to express emotions because of strict parenting
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My parents are very strict and they never allow me to share my feelings. I could only share my happiness with them. They never try to hear me. If someone says something they here others and judge me and always make quarrel on me. They wont ask me the real reason and never allows myself to open up. I feel alone. I dont have friends to share my feelings, even if i have many friends. I never share anything. Now i feel like iam lost. I could not do anything that i did. I feel very weak, both physically and mentally. My childhood was very deadful and still its going on... now iam 20 yrs old. I always feels iam alone and i dont even know how to speak to others and talk to them. How to ask for a help. how to share my emotions and thoughts. Sometimes i feel to get out of everything and even to leave this world.

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