Unable to feel happy
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Hi, I don't know whether I would get someone to talk with or not but I m hoping for the best. Currently I m not able to fix myself, I m confused how to be normal again. It is actually not about one incident from my childhood I m facing many things that leads me here now.. I have someone in my life may be whom I can share this thing but he is the only one who pushed me in this situation more.. Right now am devastated.. I tried every possible way to come out from this but I m not able to.. I m tired of pretending I am happy.. I am healing but inside I m not.. I am screaming crying. I have very few friends and I know I can't say them bcz they wil not understand, now a days I can't even talk with my parents also.. Just don't have any idea how to recover.. Bcz I can't even sleep now, I can't enjoy, I started doing everything I never thought of doing.

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