Unable to focus on studies
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Am undergoing though depression and sucidal thoughts and tendencies because of parental abuse and toxic parenting. Instead of make me feel a little better they have grounded me, I have to undergo tremendous physical and verbal abuse. I really want to feel better. I really want to live. This is not all, there is more. I've been through all this since I was in class five. They have also decided what career I should choose, and got me in the Science stream. I am not against this since I know it is for my well being only but it's really difficult for me to cope up with the pressure and the difficulty. Moreover they have made believe that am upto no good for anything else. I don't know if my problem is even an "actual problem" or just a phase. Please counsel me. I'll be graduating from high school. I have my boards this year, I am trying to concentrate very hard and aiming for a high percentile, but I keep getting flashes of disturbing incidents or words spoken by my parents which put me into tearfulness, severe headache, unwanted thoughts and lack of concentration. I really want to overcome it because this is affecting me adversely.

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