unable to forget the person once in a relationship with
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I loved a boy 4 years ago when we were in 8th std..i asked him out and he said a yes..then the relation continued for 4 months and he broke up without telling me any reason..i was soo broken and after sometime he got into a new relationship..i asked him a hell lot of times why he leave me but he never answered...then i heard him in a new relationship many times but all those times it were the girls who broke him..and finally a year ago he came back to me told he realized his mistake nd was sorry for what he did..he asked me to forget everything and start a new...i agreed but as we were in 11th we decided that we would be frnds now nd would start a relation once we get to the college as this was the time to concentrate ok our careers...but late in march he suddenly stopped talkinh to me...i got angry too nd stopped talking with him...he told i had a bad attitude...nd when i asked him why we were ignoring each other he just texted that he dont start again...i said i was sorry but still he just ignored that nd its been 2 months we didnt talk...i thought nd kept telling myself i m stronger but now i m breaking...i dont know what it is...is this that they call love?will i ever be able to forget him? Will he come back? What if i forget him and he comes back? Will he leave again aftet that? Or did i lost him again this time forever? All i know is i cant live without him

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