unable to handle breakup
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i was in relationship for almost 7 years but sometimes it was on and off like she left me and again she came back and i accepted her for that and when i tried to talk about this issue she was never ok with that and she doesnt wanna talk about it anymore and in 2020 in september month she stopped tallking to me and i dunno why and all i could here from her was you move on with ur life and i dont deserve u in my life and she stopped talking to me and she completely ghosted me from her life and i tried all the possible way to get back in my life but still she ignored and never ever replied to me and later one day after 1000 msgs and nearly 500 calls she told that she is in singapore and what really hurts me more was she left in the month of march and i got to know abt this only is december nearly almost after a year and im here in india working for a life for both of us so that we both can be together in future and i always share each and everthything with her what ever happens in my life . but she never shares anything . now she is gone and left me here and went abroad when she got a better life. . i am cluseless now and i dunno what to do in my life . i literally begged her to be in my life and i dunno what wrong i did to deserve this in my life

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