Unable to handle emotions in life
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Hello everyone so here's my story :- I'm a student from India....from a past couple of months I've been feeling very sad and lonely...I failed one of my university exams too, but yes I managed to clear them eventually... Nothing seems to be going as per my plan, Academics are going bad And off lately I even had developed feelings on someone , which again ended up with rejection on confessing. I'm unable to plan schedules and also I get pissed off at the slightest of things ....so yes I really wanna work on myself to achieve my goals but then pretty much everyday I deal with sad thoughts...I even nearly thought of giving up on my life once out of the depression....my college friends rarely hang out with me as well..or they're even not bothered to ask how things are with me.. I just feel like a waste of life at times....I really want things to fall back to a good track soon and I overcome this phase soon.. I just end up roaming alone or spending time alone...or I just eat up whatever food I want out of sadness....cause of which I'm even gaining weight and my workouts aren't going great too, as I feel so non energetic these days.... Need someone to just talk things with me and help me out :)

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