unable to handle the break up, leading to evaluation of self worth on the basis of rejection, suicidal thoughts
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My story is very weird ..... i have had many relationships in my past ..... i am 23 right now ..... Whenever someone broke my heart , i reconciled it by giving chance to thw other guy ..... and things went on like this and it brought a lot if shame and criticism towards me specially from boys ..... but the sole purpose of all those relationships were, i wanted to be loved but i failed in this race .... Recently there is this guy who came in my life. Things were going very smooth and one year passed without realizing .... now the real problem came .... he started losing interest in me .... started calling me with absurd names , assassinated my character , abuses and even accused me of black magic ..... and i being afraid of losing him never retaliate and things have got to a point where he is least bothered about me ..... as i have mentioned earlier , whenever my heart got broken i jumped to the other one .... but this guy has shatttered my soul , like he has taken the reason of my living with him. Now i always feel like suiciding , cuttingmy throat so that there will be no chance of saving me .... i am so much depressed ... And one more thing i want to mention .... i am not an ugly girl and that hurts me that if i have no flaw , why he is not accepting me ....

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