unable to manage emotions
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feel difficulty in expressing myself i just can't speak in front of anyone about what i feel or what i am going through even i i try to do that i just mess up the whole situation and its very frustrating now i just can't speak my lips are sealed but when the things go over my patience i just can't hold it i just break out in tears in frot of everyone i just keep on crying for hours and hours and people are just confused that am i crying tl much i just want to shout and i just shout when i cry feel soo much pain and anxiety that i just shout out with tears and at that moment my neck is just choked its like i can't breath and that situation becomes very devastating for me after that when the whole thing gets normal i just feel guilty that why i cried in front of them like why i couldn't been able to hold up my tears . its just how i feel i just cry in small things when i am alone because crying in front of anyone feels like a sin to me i don't know why but when i juat break out in from of anyone i feel like shouldnt be happened

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