Unable to move on from a recent breakup
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I am so sick of my life. All I wanted was a simple peaceful life where I can just enjoy going places, eating exotic dishes, etc. But I am spending whole day sitting in front of my desk working and that too the same thing everyday and putting up a fake smiling face for all. I dont have friends but I gave my all to my gf, made her my everything and after so many years of relationship now she fell in love with another guy who she met 1 month back. She still wants to be with me but how can I move on from that. Now I have nothing to hold dear to me and everything feels pointless. I dont want to move on, I dont want to forget what she did cus that is also cheating only falling for someone else and I am thinking of breaking up. But I dont have anything left with me after that, except a boring job which I hate. I have no purpose, no goal anymore.

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