Unable to move on from a relationship
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Hi, so i think i have depression and social anxiety but i can't self diagonise and i can't go to a therapist cz my parents doesn't believe me and think that somoene is putting those things in my head but i always feel so numb and not wanting to anything in life and i hate going out bcs i can't even look at people or talk to them i always think that everyone is talking bad about me wherever i go and it's driving me crazy i can't order anything or not even say hi i find it really difficult and 8 months ago i broke up with my boyfriend that i loved so so much and can't get over it this is the worst i have ever been and all i wish is to get over it and be happy he was perfect for me i don't see anything bad in him so it's hard for me to forget and I'm just really really tired i just want to be happy there is much more about me but I'll finish it here I'm sorry this was long but i hope you have an amazing day and i appreciate the time you took to listen to my story i love you ❀

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