Unable to process the relationship trauma and mother’s death.
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Hello, I am facing severe depression. I was in first year diploma engineering, when mom passed away. She passed away due to heart attack, I was very close to my Mom. I wasn't having family support because I was a girl child so I was alone with my sister. Then I met a boy, he made me feel so happy, he gave me so much emotional support in starting 10-15 days. Slowly he won my trust, then he took 1lakh rupees from me. The day came when he was going to return my money, so he started blackmailing me. I reported a complaint in police against him. Now the case is finished but now he is with another person and I am unable to control my depression. It's hurting me a lot. I am totally alone. How should I come out from all this? I feel like suicide but I can't leave my sister alone. What should I do to forget things?? Plz plz 🙏help me.

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