unable to share emotions
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I always thinking about how can I erase myself from this world. I found many people that make me laugh, but recently this feel back again haunted me. Some accident inside my family and fighting with myself, make it worse. I locked myself in a room. And I found no one actually care about me. No one even asked. When I've always care about them and be kind listener to every problem they had. I don't want to tell anybody here, I'm scared to make them worried about me, because I'm a people pleaser and I can't do that. The suicidal feel craving myself as I realized more things and become crazy. But still... I scared to die. Writing how I feel like this, was like a ton paper that I've wrote. I need someone to talk. As I'm not having any conversation these days and no one actually asked about my sudden change. Just like the old days. ;) Could you help me?

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