unable to share feeling with anyone
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Im pursuing my ug graduation.I am an hostellite now due to corona im stuck in home for months.Actually Im very emotionally connected to my family( papa mummy nd brother). During the initiation of this holidays they are very lovable to me.. but as days passed they somehow started to hate me to the core that they never mind my presence or absence .. they never worry if I had food or not but they will give their full concern to my brother to eat food and never minding me like that is not their problem.. Often I have to cook my own food as they dont even care about me.Iam always left alone in every conversations and get blamed even for every mistakes I make.. Im very much mentally disturbed as Iam an introvert and I do not share my personals to my friends.. I think Im the only one praying for this lockdown to end!.. I feel so helpless and frustated here.. If you can please help me with any advices for me to stay strong here in my home.

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