unable to strike a balance between relationship and studies
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hi everybody.....i have depression. there are good days and bad days in my life. sometimes i float , sometimes i find myself drowning. i am all isolated and is preparing for competitive exams. My lifestyle and home environment dont allow me to go out and socialize. In past 2 years , i have walked out just 10-15 times. it has taken a toll on me but i cant change things. Also at the back of my mind, i blv i cant balance my bf and studies both. Because of this whenever i msg him and have gala time, next day i regret it all and sink into depression again. It also involves lot of thinking, crying, headaches. Since i have nobody to talk to, i rely on my bf for comfort and thats why find it difficult to detach myself from him even if talking to him gives me depression. i tried to distract myself by playing games, doing yoga etc. but in long term nothing worked. So its a cycle of me : talking to bf-sinking into depression-distancing frm bf- going bck to bf bcoz i got nobody.kindly help

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