unable to study because of mobile engagement, feeling of guilt
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Hey,Im a neet preparing student ,but now im stuck with laziness and my thoughts are not at all good ,i used some stranger apps ..and i dont what led me there but now i have regrets.I feel like cheating my parents nd myself ,nd i believe in God.i can't hold this anymore .Im not able to talk this or share this thing with anyone nd i dont know whether this platform is a good or safe one..but ...i want to study ,i want to crack neet nd become a Doctor but ...these problems..or me myself haunts me a lot ..those stranger apps..made me..so bad..nd i dont know how will i explain that ,infront if others im so good but inside me i feel like im such a bad person ...please help me..i dont know what to do ...feel like cheating ky parents nd..myself

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