Unable to take a decision about relationship
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Hello everyone I desperately need help! Last year I was in a relationship with a guy six years younger than me. The relationship lasted five months. I found out he was dating someone else at the same time . He was with that girl before he was with me and had pursued me. I contacted her and we confronted him about it. Eventually he left me and he was running behind her. She left him and he was left alone. I had moved on with my life. Nine months later he contacted me and asked me for a second chance that he had changed and that he wanted to build a life with me and have a family with me. I gave him another chance. Everything was going so well. We were so happy for about two months. Then one day he was drinking and got drunk and he started tell me hurtful things. He said how his intention was to get back with me, get me pregnant and then leave me . He also hit me three times when he told me that, then he apologised and said he loves me. Then he ended up saying how he doesn't care about me and he left, again. I know in my heart that he is bad for me but I can't help how I feel about him . I love him so much very deeply . He messaged me saying how I dont care about him etc he even ring my phone last night. I am so confused . Help please!

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