unhappy in current relationship because of the feeling for someone else
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I'm 19 years old, I'm in love with a girl i never met in person. I met her on Instagram few years as she's my best friends friend, we used to talk but not everyday. In lockdown we used to talk daily and a lot. One say she told me that she started feeling for me differently and she love me. I denied her proposal but afterwards i felt that i feel the same for her. We never met in real she lives in another city. But in November she said that she's not ready for relationship and stuff she want to go out make new friends and live her life. Here i am in love with her dumb! I can't move on, can't get over her. I started dating another girl who likes me but she always want to eat and hang out in expensive places. She don't love me and I don't love her either but dating another girl to forget about the girl you loved seems so wrong. Idk what should i do I'm not happy ;_;

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