Unhealthy family relationships
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counseller plz aap iska permanant solution btaiye its very important kyuki ye solve ho gaya toh meri life ki 80percent problem khatm ho jayegi . ye roz ka draama ban gaya h and i cant tolerate it anymore and i cant see my mother tolerating this because sge is too innocent . dont know what to do, i m in depression . i tried every way possible but still nothing worked . i talked both directly and indirectly and did like everything but nothing seems to be working. as the saying is , a mad person makes everybody mad , the same is happening with me . my life has become full of sadness just due to my father. he makes my mother upset and i dont understand why the hell is he emotionless for her , she cries when he screams but he is such a person he is unable to see the pain be it me or her. he can only see the pain of 3 people , his 2 selfish brothers and his selfosh mother. if any drama takes place when they r there , they wont tey to resolve his son/brother's problem. they may just come to show tge formality and some little sympathy , and my father is such foolish ki unko pta tak nhi chalta ye log bas formality dikhaane aa rhe hn inko ghanta fark nhi padta what is happening to him until and unless there is some profit or loss involved for them. he talks to his relatives he js not knwing they dont want to see him happy but still he.. agar realott bolne ki koshish karo toh he will just create a drama / scene (he will yell , cry little , start beating his head etc). he is a high bp, migraine and mood swing patient and yebuses phone for 7-8hrs a day including office and says ki due to medicines mujhe nind nahi aati raat me , i used to wake up ar 5:30 but due to medicines i sleep till 7:30 . if we say u try to minimize your phone use , he will throw his phone or yell , but only on us , he wont do that to any other person. if u want to know what tensions he have here it is --- his fatger passed away when he was a child(class 8 or sth like that i guess ), his own people are selfish (his brother and mother) , he gets low salary but not that low which is unable to survive . he left his job which paid him 2 times this one for peace but know he is regretting because now he cant spend that much, if he even wastes 5k money per month, than he wont be able to save a single pennybfrom his salary, he has no owned house and he is 40, people at his age with same salary have got 1 house at budget but he just spends the money like however he wants to and doesnt ubderstand what will happen when he will retire and who will pay his rents and medicine bills etc. he has enough money with which he can currently buy a house but he doesnt understand that and unhe lagta h if he will buy then he wont be able to spend his money jaise vo chahein due to emi and loans . my mother compromizes a lot to save money lekin jutna save hota h he spends it . and he is currently far from his hometown ( he goes there once a month for atleaat 3-4 days ) that he regrets . i m giving an exp of his foolishness here -- one person in our house is covid positive , the society managers said us not to get out of house , he was getting out of house yesterday , my mother tried to stop him saying that unhone mana kiya h but he is saying i will go i will not come in anyone contact . i will walk alone ans waise bhi i go to offoce everyday so why should i not walk . she tried to explain that society managers have said not to but then he got angry and did drama for 4days . his yelling made my motger cry and i cant bear that. bas unko apna gussa ya to merepar ya meri mother par nikaalna h by fighting on any ridiculous thing kisi tarah se bhi . he is taking his all medicines . ye sab mood swing aadha ho jayega if he wont use phone (minimize it ) but he isnt a kid so we cant make him understand if he isnt willing to. plz iska koi permanant solution dijiye ( not going to doctor becaue he wont and my mother wont talkt to doctor ) kyuki idont want me and my mother to develop some mental illness because of him .

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