unhealthy relationship with brother
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Hi My brother, says I'm Chutiya. Yeah. Whenever he talks and wants to explain something it's mostly in an extremely rude way and he is almost always loud. That's how he is to my parents as well. He doesn't abuse them but the way he talks is extremely disrespectful. I'm his younger sister and he is my real brother. I do point out and tell him not talk to my parents when he does and I'm present then- and this has happened so much that my parents just listen to what he has to say and stay silent. I too stay silent now whenever he talks this way. I dont know what to do. We live in the same house. I just don't feel like listening to what he has to say. Because he keeps justifying and keeps giving reasons- my sleep is getting disturbed and I am just getting really annoyed of his actions. What do I do?

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