unhealthy relationship with family due to which unable to manage studies, mostly feel unloved
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MY head feels really heavy all the time and i have problem in remembering and concentrating. I feel like i dont have anyone. I panic even in small things. I M just 12.when i tell my mom about all of it she doesn't seem to care.i told her to take me to doctor but she didn't. And now i am here.i need help.i have stopped socialising.i wasn't like this before.i don't know how all this happened. I think my parents are the main reason. My father beat me and my mother dont love me she favors my spoiled rude brother more. Whenever i try to come close to her she is like "i am allergic to you get lost!" I used ti think she is the only one who loves but then i realized she doesn't. And then i realized no one in this world does.

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