unhealthy relationship with food, body image and self esteem issues
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I feel ugly...i feel like the face I see on my camera only looks good cz it's filtered and edited bit in reality even I don't know what I look like,some days the mirror says I am beautiful other days I want to break it into pieces. I don't want to eat ...i dont want to live...my father and brother doesn't say anything yet I feel like I am a burden on them...they must think of Mr as a girl who is of no good to them,neither talented nor beautiful. why can't I be more physically active why do I feel so tired all the time. why do I gain weight so quickly when all I eat in a day is not that much....how could anybody love me or respect me if these are the things that I say to myself.this is how I treat myself.i don't deserve this life.i hate myself.i am sorry....

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