Unhealthy relationship with mother
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Hi everyone, I'm living in a toxic family. We are 16 members in our family in which we are 9 kids. And my father is only earning man. It's not like we are suffering. He provides us excellent education and fulfill our every wish. But my mother is toxic. I don't know how a mother can love watching their children suffering, sad. She act or maybe she actually is hurt by us too. Maybe we both are hurting each other. But everytime I try to make things better, try to talk and spend time with her, try to make us understand each other, It ends up being argument and i end up harming myself. And I don't know why everytime think and believe that it's better if we be like strangers in a house. Not every relationship should be bound with love. Some can be just mean, but still end up in that situation. She loves to say opposite of my statements. She loves when I fail. I know she doesn't want me to fail but she always says bad about me and when anything goes bad she feel like she knew right and starts saying she knew I was gonna fail. I want someone to console me that next thing can be better but I don't wanna tell people that and get fake Consolences. I am very close with my sister. More weird thing is my sister treats my mom badly but my mom still loves her. I don't know where I was wrong and where I am but I hope to get someone understanding and loving in my life. Untill then I'm gonna try to not put efforts in this toxic relationship.

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