unhealthy relationship with sister
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When I previously mentioned about me having troubles with my sister, you people suggested that I should maintain some distance. Well....actually it worked . I don't say I'm completely happy but I'm feeling better than before. But today's incident again made me vulnerable. On our balcony we had many plants beside a foldable bed alongside the wall . Today when I went there to bring the cloth that was lying on that foldable bed suddenly the bed slipped and had fallen on my leg. During that process 2 of the plants were slightly injured(like a few leaves had fallen down) I called my sister for help since no one was around except her.. As soon as she came, she started scolding me about the plants. When I told her I injured my leg she didn't give a damn about it. When my mother and my aunt returned home and when they asked me I told them about everything. Then my sister told them that she isn't aware of the bed falling on my leg and I didn't mention any of that sought to her. As expected everyone believed her........... In my house everyone says they love me but strangely I can never feel any of their love . All my relatives and people around me call me lucky for having a genius sister around. No one believes me whenever I try to explain the true nature of my sister.

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