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Hi, I made a mistake of insulting and abusing an extremely Good friend of mine when we had a Spat, I stated She hasn't a Job and has an Imaginary Boyfriend and deserves to be treated like Crap only. I couldn't own up to the mistakes so I put blame on my Sister stating she had said those things to the friend trying to make Her believe that, but She never believed. We talked again, but trust issues were there. I asked Her to come on a Call so I could tell Her the Truth about Me saying those things. She never got comfortable. We had a Spat again and I repeated same things once again out of Anger, making Her this time finally believe that I was the same Person who has abused and insulted Her and not my Sister. I'm feeling Guilty Regret Remorse and what not for my Deeds. Trying to Apologize, I'm Blocked by Her everywhere, even Insta FB Snapchat WhatsApp Calls Texts Truecaller everywhere I'm Blocked. Guilt and Remorse is killing Me Inside. Please Please Help and Advice! Thank You.

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