wanted to express feelings
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im a girl who go through from alot of think why im here is only to share and speak my hewrt out in front of someone who dont judge me at all. you just listen to me. im young and all depressed im done with this world im afraid of love im emotionless person i dont have any hope in my life i canot even feel my heart beat anymorr the worst thing is im at that stage of my life where i can not even stress about anything like i can not think about my past i dont remember anything i brain can not take any stress at all. i dont like people i dont trust them anymore everything is just meaningless to me. i lost all my hopes there is nothing left in me. i canot focus on my studies which further make me depressed there is point i feel like im not even alive im all dead. i want to cry but i cant i want to care but i cant i want to feel any pain but i can't what should i do i have nothing to feel i have alot in me but i canot share because i canot stress about anything.

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