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I went through a break up recently. He wanted to end things because of my temper issues. I get mad at small issues. I do have a very low self esteem too but at the same time I can't accept criticism for small things. I get really mad. And many other things. When I looked it up on net, I took many quizzes etc., I am afraid I have Borderline personality disorder or narcissistic personality disorder. Iam only 20. I don't have a job or a paid internship to get money from to go and see an actual therapist. I really want to change, because it's not first time in my life someone has removed me from their life because I was too much for them. I have tried to change but I couldn't before. Now iam really desperate because I can't hurt the people around me anymore. How much harder I try to control my anger the worse it's getting. I have started practicing mindfulness meditation but I need a professional opinion.

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