wanting to pursue a hobby because of Affection towards father
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Me and my father did not have a very close bonding or anything. I don't blame it on him. It was the situation at the time and I am completely fine with the fact that we didn't have a good relationship even though I wanted to at that time. Recently I heard about him talking about his favourite hobby and I like the same thing, I wanted to take it further and take it seriously in my life because it was important to me. For example take it that I love to play the violin and I want to take it seriously in my life, and my dad says that he used to love it too and he took some classes but he couldn't make it further in it because of his situation at the time. Now I'm just wondering if wanting to play the violin is something that I should do or let it go altogether because probably it isn't something that's mine and more like something related to my dad. Maybe I'm not good at it by myself but I'm good at it because my dad was. Can you clarify this for me or tell me how I should think about it, please?

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