wants to confront
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hey everyone ... need some help ...few days ago ...I met a new guy on telegram...he messaged me randomly .... usually I avoid stranger messages ...but that boys was different like he talks so gently and have lot of respect ...he doesn't know me and not even me .....but he is putting a lot of effort to talk to me. ..he is from different states ...and initially I too wanted to talk to him ..Bcz he makes me so comfortable ....but now a day ..I just don't want to talk ..Bcz ...it's like a distraction for me ....and I know online friends are never real ...... simple and I want to avoid him so but that makes me uncomfortable that what he will think of me ...Bcz as much I know him in few day ..he is soo gentle and kind ...and not a bad guy ...but I amnot okay na ...may be in future things go wrong and I will feel stuck in it ....I simply want to confront him and say not to msg me anymore ....Ii don't know how will he react and think of me ...but I have to do it for me ...Bcz I am not happy

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