wants to get back in the past long term relationship which broke because of family issues
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I was in a relationship from past 9 years. We had many on off. But from past a year and half. things werent going good. it was actually my fault. i never gave her time and much of importance and value. from over 6 months, she wanted a assurance from my parents for marriage. but things were not fine at home. and parents told me to hold. but her parents were forcing her to start to find a new guy for her. now, we broke up 3-4 months back. now i realise her value and importance and i dont want to lose her. i tried to convience her many times. but shr wont reply or talk to me properly. she wanys to move on. and i dont want to lose her. shes rude, she says she doesnt need me anymore, she has become stone hearted now. we used to fight many times, but she used to melt and used to be back normal. this time. things are really different. she has changed. what do i do. i cant sleep. i dont want to lose her. i want her back !

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